5 Tips for Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Read our blog post to learn 5 tips for giving your pet a smile worthy of the “pup-arazzi”. Pets and humans alike need a daily oral hygiene routine to keep their oral health in “purr-fect” condition. Contact us to schedule your own dental cleaning!

The Teeth of Past Presidents

Check out our blog post to learn about 6 presidential dental histories! Discover fun teeth facts about George Washington, Grover Cleveland, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Barack Obama. Are your teeth White House ready? Contact our friendly dental practice to schedule your next dental cleaning and checkup.

How Consuming Alcohol Affects Oral Health

We all probably know that candy and soda aren’t great for our teeth, but what about alcohol? On our blog post, we explore the connection between consuming alcohol and your oral health. Read on to learn more. Contact our office with any questions about your dental health!

5 Easy-to-Keep New Year’s Dental Resolutions

We know it can seem hard to follow through with your new year’s resolution for the month of January, let alone the entire year. On our blog, we’ve put together 5 New Year’s dental resolutions that are easy to keep and that will benefit your health! Read on to learn more.

Top 5 Weirdest Dental Cases

Next time you think you’ve had a weird reason to visit the dentist, think about these five strange cases: 1. Gum Garden One dentist told Fox News that he found a tomato seed lodged in a patient’s gum during a root canal. Upon closer inspection, the seed was actually sprouting a plant! If that doesn’t … Continued

Welcome to Our Office!

Hello from the Del Ray Dental Center team! We are proud to serve the families of Alexandria with dental care centered on honesty, quality, and compassion. We promise to work hard to earn your trust, and we’re excited create meaningful relationships with our community. About Dr. Peajmun Razmjou When you visit Del Ray Dental Center, … Continued