Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation Services in Alexandria, VA

At Del Ray Dental Center, we always want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible in our care, which is why we offer dental sedation. Sedation that is administered by a dental professional is a safe and effective treatment option that can make your experiences at the dentist much more pleasant and relaxed. To schedule an appointment with our team or learn more about our services, please get in touch with our front office.

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the formal name for laughing gas. Nitrous oxide sedation is administered through a mask that is placed over the nose for the duration of the treatment. Within a few minutes, the patient will feel content, happy, and light-headed in some cases. Once the gas is stopped and the mask is removed, most of the effects of the laughing gas will wear off after a few minutes. Nitrous oxide is used to relieve anxiety for patients who routinely experience dental anxiety and patients who are undergoing extensive treatments.


If you have a fear of needles, then you’re in luck! Our office uses a handheld device called a Vibraject, which makes injections completely painless. Before a local anesthetic is administered into the gums, the Vibraject will gently vibrate on the gums. This helps block pain signals from being sent to the brain, which makes the injection totally painless. Once the anesthetic begins working, the rest of the treatment will be painless as well, which makes the entire appointment that much more comfortable, and helps relieve the anxiety of anxious patients.

Is dental sedation safe?

Patient safety is always our top priority. Before any treatment is recommended, we always take the patients’ current health, medical history, and dental history into consideration. Nitrous oxide is one of the safer options, as it wears off quickly once the patient breathes normal air for a few minutes. It also offers very few to no side effects for patients who choose to utilize it. Most patients are able to drive themselves home about 15 minutes after their treatment, but you are always welcome and encouraged to wait until you feel completely normal again.

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