Are Healthy Teeth Genetic?

We all have that friend, you know the one. That friend who has never ever had a cavity in their life. “How,” we think, “is that even possible?!” Well, it might not be as simple as them taking great care of their teeth—it might be related to their genetic makeup! It’s important to understand that oral health care and genetics work together to impact dental health.

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Genetics & Dental Health

There’s no doubt about it—your genetic makeup certainly impacts your dental health. Just like if you are predisposed to weak eyesight or high blood pressure, if your parents have good teeth, you’re more likely to have good teeth. Of course, the reverse is true as well. If your parents suffer from subpar dental health, they might have passed that on to you.

Genetic Dental Ailments

Here are a few conditions that can be passed down through our genetic makeup:

  • Gum disease: People who suffer from gum disease have inflamed gums that can recede over time, exposing the nerves underneath. This can be painful, but it’s a treatable condition.
  • Weak enamel due to low mineral saliva: Weak enamel means that your teeth are not as well protected as they should be from common problems like cavities. If your parents have weak enamel, you’re more likely to suffer from the same problem.
  • Jaw-related disorders: Like with the rest of your body, the shape and strength of your jaw is based on genetic factors.
  • Oral cancer: Like most cancers, oral cancer has a strong genetic component.

While it might be easy to throw up our hands and blame everything on genetics, of course the way we treat our teeth also has a big impact on our dental health too. Regular brushing and flossing are paramount to keeping up oral hygiene.

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